The system is broke, I work out of it.

Si no vuelvo en 10 minutos, no me resuciten. 



Female members of Egypt’s “liberation battalions” train in the desert near Cairo for guerrilla warfare against the British in the Suez Canal zone, Nov. 20, 1951. (via

”Los soplones son la peor cosa del mundo.”

I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did.

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How can a quote describe me so perfectly

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Dicen que cuando se cierra una puerta, se abre otra, pero esto es justo lo que pasa todo el tiempo. 

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

— e.e. cummings (via observando)

There’s no shame in admitting what you don’t know. The only shame is pretending you know all the answers.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (via blackatheists)